Health Clinic
in O Porriño

Access health professionals (Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Nutrition, etc.) in a single space and at your fingertips.

Health is a right and not a privilege.

We take care of you and your family.



Chiromassage is a set of various pressure techniques on certain points of the body. They are used to calm the pain derived from muscular contractures, tendinitis, etc.
This technique is especially indicated for those people who suffer from pain of muscular or tendon origin or whose origin lies in the tendons. The pressure of certain points translates into sedative effects on the nervous system and the release of endogenous analgesic substances.

Different manual massages coexist depending on the purpose we seek:
– Toning massage activates muscles
– Sports massages
– Lymphatic drainage massages
– Relaxing massages

Pilgrim’s Massage

The pilgrim’s massage consists of a set of techniques taking maximum care of every detail of the massage.
Our health personnel always pay special attention to the most punished parts. We work to treat pain and alleviate accumulated fatigue along the way where the feet, legs, ankles, back and neck suffer exhaustion and continuous wear and tear for many days.
In our Clinic we make a set-up that allows the pilgrim to continue the path with renewed energy and without pain.
We focus on treating the parts of the body that suffer the most during the course, the feet, ankles and legs.
We help to improve muscle contractures in the back and neck.


Quiromasajista Porriño

We seek excellence in our services with a set of benefits focused on improving health.
We apply manual therapies adapted to each pathology (back pain, hernias, cervical pain, low back pain, fasciitis, etc.).
We guide our patients so that they can perform exercises and prevent future injuries.
We want you to leave the clinic with a high degree of satisfaction with the treatment received. Health is a right and not a privilege.


Each person is different and that is why the diet is personalized. Our goal is to help and accompany you. We offer a professional and close treatment, we always work accompanying the patient at all times. In our Comprehensive Health Clinic you will find a team of health professionals made up of graduates in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, technicians with a higher degree in Dietetics.


Throughout our lives we go through moments full of happiness and fulfillment. When life smiles at us, everything is easier, but there are also those difficult and complicated situations to manage that suddenly assail us (health problems, death of a loved one, etc.) or have been haunting us for a long time (work stress, family problems, anxiety).

Not all of us have the same ability to address and deal with them. That is why there are many occasions where the help of a professional is invaluable to be able to move forward without suffering being the guiding thread of our lives.

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